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Delamata Designs Bio:

In 2003 Nicole Mata founded Delamata Designs in order to create one-of-a kind event experiences. This full-service design company excels in its attention to the details involved in producing a successful event. It is dedicated to creating unique and breathtaking parties, tabletops, and flower arrangements for a once-in-a-lifetime event or a simple daily dose of exquisite flowers. Delamata Designs brings your visions to life.

We at Delamata Designs understand just how important our role is in supporting our clients. We know that creating a single, solid event team is an integral part of the success of any project. First and foremost, we create every event with the clients needs in mind. We provide a wide range of services, and in offering this, are able to bring the client’s event--regardless of size--from conception to execution. Consequently, we can ensure each event’s success down to the smallest detail. Delamata Designs prides itself on this guarantee.

In an industry where everyone is looking for something new and different, we deliver the highest level of product -- evolving trends and innovations, and interpreting color, shape, and texture in unexpected ways. You will never experience the same look twice. We feel that every event is unique and we tap into our wide array of resources to bring new materials, fabrics, props or décor to each event.

Delamata Designs’ go-for-the-platinum attitude in design creates an atmosphere that will transport you and your guests to new heights in design experience.